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OBOPAY acquires consumer-technology firm Mubble
Acquisition is aimed towards enhancing OBOPAY’s data analytics capabilities and mobile app expertise…
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Economic Times
Sep 21, 2018

OBOPAY launches a new generation pre-payment instrument for enterprise customers
Obopay said that the new card will have multiple features like split transaction, multi wallet facility, ATM withdrawals, inter-card fund transfer, and many others….
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Economic Times
dec 10, 2018

OboPay takes its fintech services to Mexico with GoRed tie-up
OBOPAY will manage end-to-end digital payment solutions for “GoRed” including bill pay services, micropayments, P2P…
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Economic Times
May 7, 2018

Will gender pay parity remain a pipe dream?
Several programmes have been adopted, on a policy basis, by India Inc to ensure a higher participation of women at the workplace…
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Apr 11, 2018

CEO Speak | Why mobile wallets are the future of money

Why mobile wallets are the future of money
India is experiencing exponential growth in digital financial transactions. What began as a convenient mode of payment…
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Financial Express
Mar 1, 2018

CEO Speaks | Cut costs and enhance security with Layered Banking

Cut costs and enhance security with Layered Banking 
Digital banking came with its own set of security apprehensions, thus hampering user experience and limiting customer…
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Feb 22, 2018

CEO Speaks | India Budget 2018 Opinions

How was Budget 2018? Post Budget Reactions from Industry Leaders
Shailendra Naidu, CEO, OBOPAY, said, “Government’s decision to encourage blockchain in payments sector is a welcome measure…
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BW Disrupt
Feb 1, 2018

CEO Speaks | What to expect from the 2018 budget

Budget 2018: Tax incentives, faster clearances needed for start-ups to grow 
Start-ups in the digital arena, particularly the financial technology domain, want from Finance Minister Arun Jaitley more…
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Business Standard
Jan 26, 2018

CEO Speaks | OBOPAY secures prepaid payment instrument licence

OBOPAY Secures A Pre-Paid Instrument License From RBI
By making use of the PPI license, OBOPAY will be solving various payment-related problems for their partner clients that…
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BW Business World
Dec 13, 2017

Future of Mobile Wallets: India in 2050
Last year’s demonetization drive by the Indian government gave a fresh lease of life to a similar product – the mobile wallet..
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BW Disrupt
Oct 18,2017

Obopay seeks $25 million in strategic investment
Financial technology startup Obopay, bought over by two former Infosys employees in a fire sale four years ago, has…
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Oct 16,2017

Building Effective Fintech Alliances for Banks
The biggest beneficiaries of the advent of Fintechs are, of course, the customers whose changing lifestyles and habits are matching the emerging technologies…
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Silicon India
Oct 09,2017

Opportunities and Challenges in Securing the Cashless Economy in the Current Business Landscape
Introducing a few digital wallets and payment applications will not make the economy like India cashless..
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Thinking Aloud
Sep 27,2017

Global Mobile Payment Solutions Company, OBOPAY Looks at Strategic Partnerships to Fuel Its Growth
A pioneer in mobile payments, OBOPAY was started with its own mobile payment service in the US in 2005…
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BW Disrupt
Sep 05, 2017

CEO Speaks | Technological leap of fintech companies

Technological leap 
It was a financial emergency at home that made Vivek Sharma look for a short-term loan. Soon he realised it was…
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The Week
Jul 30, 2017

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