Agent Solutions

A scalable solution that develops your distribution
network by extending your reach in the market

Our solution supports the creation of a multi tier hierarchy of agents to manage agent distribution and liquidity management of funds in the system. It also supports agent commission computation – an important part of agent services.

Core Features

Agent Assisted Services

Our product allows agents to hold agent stored value account (SVA) wallets to carry out services such as mobile recharge and bill payments, besides providing basic customer registrations, cash-in and cash-out services, and loading and unloading funds into customers’ e-wallets. Additionally, agents are also qualified to assist customers in executing their transactions.

Multi-tiered Distribution

We offer mobile payment service providers with multi-tier distribution chains, an application feature that allows controlled access to services. For example, access for last level agents can be restricted to customer registration, cash deposit and cash withdrawal to or from the mobile wallet, while greater access can be provided to higher level agents.

Fund Management through Pool Creation

The solution enables fund management by allowing the service provider to create a Master Pool Account. Service providers can use funds from this wallet to unload or load funds into different entity SVA accounts within the network or disburse commissions to various commission accounts, among others.

Registering Customers and Issue of Cards

Authorized agent locations can register customers for Mobile Payment Services and issue cards to customers. Every registered consumer (Customer or Merchant) gets a prepaid SVA account that they can use to transact across multiple channels while users can use the card for ATM withdrawals and purchases at merchant establishments.

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