Obopay completes seamless, first time right subscriber migration at airtel

About the client

Launched in Uganda in June 2010, airtel is the country’s most innovative mobile phone operator, credited with introducing many “firsts” in the telecommunications sector. As a mobile operator, airtel introduced affordable communication products and services that have transformed the lives of millions of Ugandans and their businesses.


airtel Uganda, a mobile network operator in Uganda was exploring ways to expand its footprint in the country. Based on the results of a study, the company observed that the projected population of Uganda was 37m for 2014. The study extrapolated that based on past data; only 20% of this population would have access to banking services while over half would be mobile subscribers.

With mobile money being an important part of the competitive dynamics between telecom operators, airtel Uganda needed to offer unique services to be able to reach out to this underserved segment of customers. The solution had to offer a replacement for cash in domestic remittances. It also had to meet the need for easy bill pay, Top ups and tax payments. Additionally the solution had to support all types of phones and allow access to easy and secure deposits and withdrawals.

Having evaluated various available options, airtel Uganda decided to deploy Obopay’s money services platform based on the unique offerings of the solution. The drivers behind the decision to deploy the  Obopay solution were based on the platform’s offerings that included stored value accounts(SVA), flexible agent hierarchy management, money transfer, and airtime top-up. In addition, the solution supported viral customer acquisition through its feature enabling friend invites. With dual language support, an integrated bank account with SVA, cardless ATM withdrawal facility, the operator agnostic solution was an easy choice for airtel Uganda. The solution also allowed bulk payments or collection of tax payments and salary disbursements.

Following the deployment of the Obopay platform across its network, airtel Uganda was able to successfully migrate a sub base of 3.5m subscribers to create a total base 7m subscribers.airtel money was highly appreciative of the seamless and first time right (FTR) migration process of the scalable and secure system.

Moreover, with enabling features such as interoperability with existing service providers and multi-banks, the platform provided a future ready solution to airtel Uganda. The company also had at its disposal for future growth, platform additions that included merchant integrations, closed/open loop cards, group savings, interest calculations and International remittances.

The airtel Uganda deployment marked a resounding success for Obopay as was demonstrated by airtel recognizing the transition with the Best Migrations across all OPCOs by airtel award.

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