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A highly reliable solution to manage your business transactions quickly, safely and securely

Use our solution to carry out your business transactions such as salary payments, tax reimbursements, loan disbursements, repayments and insurance premium collections - smoothly and easily.

What our clients say

Obopay's pioneering services have been received very well in other African countries. Our association with Obopay is an assurance that the people of Uganda are provided with best possible service in the country.

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Core Features

Corporate Bulk Payments/Disbursements

Obopay’s platform supports a range of bulk payment capabilities that offer users unprecedented choice and speed of transactions. Using just the GUI of the service provider’s platform, or a single sign on to the existing system, enterprises can pay directly and instantly into a payee’s debit card, mobile wallet or bank account.

Formal and Informal Merchants Management

Formal merchants are business entities who carry out business activities in organized retail to sell their goods/services. Informal merchants are members who accept mobile payments from customers. Our mobile wallet feature is available to both merchant types to leverage and expand their business.

Social Media and Web Support

Our platform also supports widgets for Facebook and other social media sites and mobile tools like ‘Text to Donate’ and ‘Text to Pay’. Purchasing digital or online goods and services becomes easier with our web and mobile check out options.

Corporate Auto Debits/Credits

The platform also supports the scheduling of, and automatic debit/credit of regular payments such as salaries and insurance premiums. Obopay applications or APIs also easily connect to partner applications expanding the eco system to include schools, insurance companies and enterprises.

Mobile and Electronic Commerce

Now businesses are no longer limited to accepting only cash and cheques. They can accept payments emerging from multiple sources like debit/credit cards, bank accounts or stored value accounts. What’s more, no prior merchant account registration is required to accept these payments.

Issue Standing Instructions

The standing instruction facility allows auto payments of periodic payments such as loan repayments, premiums, bills or even P2P transfer of funds. Moreover, you can also exercise your options on manual or automatic payouts and inclusion/exclusion of blocked accounts.

Mobile Payment Solutions

  • Digital Wallet
  • Saving Accounts
  • Biller/Merchant Payments

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Agent Solutions

  • Agent Assisted Services
  • Multi-tiered Distribution
  • Registering Customers and Issue of Cards

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